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Happy New Year 2021: What's popping? 

Happy New Year! 

First of all, thank you for stopping by.  As we begin 2021, I would like to take a moment to reflect back on what made 2020 so impactful for my craft.  I released my first Gospel Hip Hop Album "CLOCK", in May 2020.  I released this album through my love and reverence for God.  This album is truly spectacular.  It's a poetic and lyrical portrait of my love for God.  The album has picked up attention in the last months of this year on Spotify with over 13k streams.  Most of the streams came from the last few months of this year, with hundreds of new followers. That is a lot to me, because the angels rejoices when one soul is saved.  I pray that this momentum shoots to the heavens.  You can find this album on Spotify under my name Israel the Poet. 

Second of all, I started a petition campaign to bring back girls and women who had been taken captive by terrorist groups.  As of today the campaign has collected over 2,000 signatures.  Please sign and share the online petition  at https://www.change.org/persecuted. 

I finally joined Instagram this year!  Facebook is already too busy for me and I took time off Facebook this year.  However, to adapt to the times, I opened up an Instagram account this year.  I invite you to follow me at https://www.instagram.com/israelthepoet/.  I'll be sharing more of my state of mind with you on Instagram. 

Lastly, I'm back in the studio.  Don't judge me, I'll be making music until the Lord calls me home, if Jesus doesn't return first.  This is what I love to do!  Look for another album from me in 2021, this should be the best project I've ever released! 

I pray for you all to prosper and for 2021 to bring you heavenly peace, as we're watchful for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.