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Heaven By Force

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I'm taking heaven by force.
By God's grace
Open the gates.
Christ has broken the curse
I need to finish this race
Without being disgraced.
Heaven is hearing my voice
I'm going in faith, I'm already set in my course. Which one is first, the trumpet blow or my hearse.
I'm taking heaven by violence
My faith aint silent
I'm defiant against evil alliances. My reliance is on the Jesus
No denying this.
I claim my God-giving land in this like a true Zionist.
God's lighting is blinding every evil eyeing this.
Blind em
Anything trying to holding me back Father find em and bind em.
Count me in when the saints go marching in. I'm charging in
There's no other option man.
The blood of Jesus I'm washed in it.
The life I'm living in is disciplined to fleeing sin as a heavenly citizen.
In the book of life my name is written in
Thank You Jesus for getting me in.

God word in bone marrow fat catapult me like a psychopath in this narrow path.
I'm narrow-minded for Jesus. I may offend some.
I rather make it through the gates and then some with a strong momentum. High-ranking angels saying welcome. I see the Father and my knees I bend them. Father say to my soul job well done. My good and faithful servant.
I submit my spirit to God the Omnipotent, the Almighty, Omniscient
All the glory and honor belong to Thee.
HalleluYah X 7

Angels watching /as I'm sin dodging, trotting this narrow path to eternal lodging. I'm not allowing any rerouting. No doubting. I'm not looking back with my hand plowing.
Trumpet can blow at any moment. What's the catalyst?
Anything in me that's not clean father scatter it. Any false gods in my life shatter it. Make me immaculate to pass the gates.
In Jesus Name. Amen