1. Strongest

From the recording Robed In Light

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Daddy you're strong, your biceps are monstrous,
You're the strongest, at least the strongest, amongst us.
But who's the strongest? This planet's humongous.
Who's flawless, who holds the title the longest.
Son I'm strong and powerful but I'll be honest,
I'm not the strongest, and not ashamed on this.
Let's ask iron, iron are you that strongest?
Iron replied, you're wrong and that's obvious.
though I can build buildings and strengthen objects,
Fire is stronger, it's a much better prospect.
When I go through it I melt into fluid.
Yea fire is the strongest, it's undisputed,
Not so fast son, this is not concluded.
Fire, are you the strongest?
Fire replied that's nonsense, Let's use common sense.
Though my smallest can burn a forest.
Water will kill my conquest.

Who's the strongest?
Who got the power?
Who can never ever be beaten?
Who got everything under His feet?
Who run it, who run it?
Who's the strongest?
Who got the power?

Who's flawless, who hold the title the longest?
Fire told us last verse, water is the strongest.
Water replied, that's not true, the sun is.
though I can put out fire with a strong mist.
Or bring a mighty flood with a flow that's pompous,
I can dry out, into vapors when I'm sun kissed.
Daddy, I don't know about this,
Look at your southeast, the sun just got blocked out where the cloud is.
The sun spoke and said I'm proud of this kid, he's bright, because what he spoke is right.
The cloud has power to block out my light, throw shade on my shine, and turn day to night.
The cloud replied, that's false, the wind has all the might.
When the wind blows, I'm blown side to side to any place it decides.
I can't even see the wind but when it comes it takes me for a ride.

Look at the dust fly as the wind glides high in the sky, and defies gravity, in a perfect rhapsody, like a true champion, until it got cut in half by a mountain. Astounding until man starts chipping away at the mountain, using heavy machinery pounding the ground. But no man can escape death. Except for one King who conquered death, The Son of the Blessed. Every knee must bow, every tongue must confess. That Jesus Christ is Lord! To the glory of God the Father. His name is above every name, every power, He's above every principality, my High tower

Yes Jesus Christ is the strongest!