1. Yours

From the recording Robed In Light

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Lord! My life is Yours, that's for sure, my wife is Yours, all that I have is Yours, the source of my light is Yours. I pack Your swords, that's for sure. You're glorious, the glory only Yours, my story is solely Yours. Every thing I worth is Yours. Heaven and earth is Yours. My wealth is Yours, My breath is Yours. All of my best is Yours. My depths are Yours, the breadths are Yours, all of my health is Yours. Everything I'm speaking in rhythm is Yours, My children are Yours. Your kingdom is Yours. Every minute I'm breathing and living is Yours. Every human believing in Jesus is Yours. The world is Yours, the earth you forged upon the floods. My rights and wills are Yours. My flag and drip is Yours. The tithes I give is Yours, sacrifice I kill are Yours. My best is Yours, the heart in my chest is Yours, My bones and flesh are Yours, my zone is Yours, home is Yours, everything I own is Yours, this flow is Yours, my scrolls are Yours, everything I wrote is Yours. My soul is Yours, boldly Yours, You're so victorious, Your throne is only Yours. My time is Yours, my rhyme is Yours, all of my shine is Yours, my prime is Yours, my destiny take it and sign it Yours. My whole existence, disposition, my life mission is Yours, the diamond, and the stones, and the gold that glistens are Yours, the total wisdom, the solar system, the globes that's spinning are Yours. They follow rules You've planted. The sun the moon, the planets. The honor, the power, the glory, the riches, the blessing. The mercy, the joy, the peace, the love and all the best things. Lord speak what You want to, no mic check and it comes true, My mindset is onto the One who makes the sun burn through. My blank check I cut too, just for You, cause You're all truth. My first fruits, for Your use. No muscle can touch You . The battlefieldfield is Yours, the rivals scaddadled from your force. the justice gavel is the Lords, The galaxies, The stars that travels in its course, to the cattle and the horse, there's no doubt that You're the source. The seas and breeze, the bees and trees, seeds that yields its increase in its seasons are Yours. My needs, when You see me on my knees, beseeching, never ceasing to be Yours. Use me please I'm Yours. The herbivores to carnivores, the fossils of dinosaurs, to creepings things that crawls to fleeting wings that soars from the shores. They take flight, day and night, gama ray lights to visible brights to the sight are the Lords. I write different and tight. My vision, my rhythm is given, driven from the feeling of Lord. I'm not just creating for the recreation, this is dedication to creating to the creator of all creations.