1. Always Win

From the recording Robed In Light

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Always Win

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Young King Named David

Hey, have you been to the sea sources?
Do you know where Light stay at? Take me to his office...
Gave strength to the horses, He command the beast
Impose the rules of the earth, No games, but it's a sweep
You see them Eagles soaring in the sky?
Who put garments on the clouds and told the rain to drop
Make grass sprout, don't make Em lash out the good and the bad bow.
The Lord always win.

Israel The Poet
Man look at all these things.
The moon orbits and the earth always spins,
All days since, He spoke it and it all begins,
He gave Jupiter all it's rings
All praises to the always King, He always wins

Young King Named David
Affliction it was sent to discipline a man,
and I ain't hesitant, I'm on the path of repentance again
Now I can live again, ain't no equivalent
Mortal man want Kombat, we finish him!
Yea, if you're an enemy, terror and agony
terrible majesty, cherubim canopy
look after me, Most High always win
My jaws and my paws raise up in applause
First cause, big boss no Santa clause
And my inward Law, you know I'm all the way in
Golden Lights shining from the north
Awesome Splendor all mighty powerful, righteous source
Yea, White horse with the spiked sword
Prince of Peace from Jerusalem straight to Prince George
Plenty Justice, plenty judgment,
Almighty touching, you demons and cowards done with
Seen the face of my enemies, just how I loved it
Just how it's written, just how it's published.
Their face was smitten
It's your turn to feel affliction
1000 on my right
10,000 on my left , call it division

Israel The Poet
Under my belt is all these wins. The lawless came for us, but they're scoreless and their corpses stinks. I saw these vultures wings fly in the August wind, to gorge on their bosses. They stay taking losses. But the Lord is flawless and always wins. I'm in awe my King is too strong. He slew famous kings like Og the king of Bashan. HalleluYah, we singing the song, He's bringing the storm, and the wicked is torn, the victory is won. The artillery under my tongue is bringing misery to these foes. They're history they're done. They chased after us, till they drowned in their chariots. You carried us through various barriers, bow down Iscariots. The kings and rulers against the Lord they gathered. The Lord watched in laughter, then dash them in pieces, they shattered and battered, splattered, the remnant scattered. I rather I worship The Master, The Alpha, no one is after, I pour my alabaster. He rules over everything, over evil, even over leviathan, You're doomed if you try His name. Hell fire to you cowards who defy His reign, Lord let your fire rain, and divide the flame. Hail stones and meteors hit their leaders. The voice of the Lord split the cedars. The Lord is with us you can't defeat us. Non believers, please believe us. Come Lord with my soul I'm watching. Without soap I'm watched in the blood of Jesus. Father with hot coal, watch my lips to speak Your words in these songs. I speak with tongues, declare disease be gone. The peace is strong; my God ceased the storm.