1. Kingdom Come

From the recording Robed In Light

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Kingdom Come

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You can chose to delimit on the news that I'm giving you
It's good and lyrically in-tune don't ridicule
The Jews knew infinity is true not mythical
The proof? It was written and it moves in the physical

Look little cynics, we are spinning on a floating globe
And you think it's physics that's beginning when a hole explode?
Confused by the gimmicks like the phoenix and the totem pole
The truth has been in us, and between us, holy ghost

Breathe... but you don't wanna listen

We.... Know the reason he's risen

Hey... You ain't gotta want it

Huh... But the kingdom's coming to run it!

I know life is difficult
And it's too dang short like a sippy cup
You just wanna live it up
You don't wanna give a what

But the kingdom's coming better get right
Hope I'm alive when he flash high
Don't wanna die before the next life
I'm just being honest with the Messiah...

Israel The Poet
I'm awoken, with spiritual eyes opened, scoping, for the sky to crack open, hoping to see Christ glowing, coming down from the clouds, archangel shout! Trumpet blast loud. The dead in Christ will rise first, then the rest of us will rapture, faster than the eye can capture. Hereafter we'll be with the master.
Who comes from above.
Lord takeover and put an end to their stuff.
They kill and destruct.
They huff and they puff
Thinking they rough and they tough
Enough is enough
Lord let the noise drown
Shut this world down
Lord come down all crowned
Let the trump sound
Come pound, burn it all down
Trample on Babylon
Babylon the great will be fallen
A place for everything appalling,
For the nations have drunken
Of the wine of her fornication
Don't drink from her abomination.
Here's my sound advice,
Drink from the fountain of life

The Son's coming soon.
He's coming to rule.
From the sun and the moon.
From oceans to dunes.
No one is immune.
My heart beats in tune.
It's dark in the noon.
Hates are doomed.

Jesus is knocking I ain't knocking it
The clock is ticking aint no stopping it
Jesus descend at any second
The kingdom of God is at hand.
I beckon you to repent
The King is coming at any hour
The kingdom, dominion, and the power
Belongs to the King who's sitting on the throne.
It's on and the King is taking us home
When the saints march in, its quite urgent. I'm there to barge in. I'm a wise virgin with my fire scorching. Take caution with my eyes watching for Christ emerging: Churching.