1. Glory

From the recording Robed In Light

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Glory be to God in the highest He's the brightest
Honor and power belongs to the King on the throne
He is King and King alone, In His creations it is shown.
When I speak this from my dome, enemies vanquish from my zone.
Glory be to God, The Almighty shining brightly.
Riches and blessings belong to the King of my soul.
When He speaks the cedars split, the rivers split, the disease dismissed, the spirits flee into their pits. They best retreat, they can't resist.
Glory to be to God no one is greater than the Creator.
Dwelling in the light, no one can approach Him, or can see Him. The wisdom, and the dominion belongs to the King who's sitting in His position as the King of the kingdom as It is written.

Hook: Glory be to God in the Highest! Repeat.

Verse 2
Glory be to God in the highest, He's the brightest. He's a consuming fire, hotter and brighter than the hot sun. His majesty is the wisest, My God is the only wise one. Adoption, I'm God son, I speak it like a shotgun from my tongue. I won't hesitate to set this place with a heavy praise. Don't get in the way you will disintegrate. We sing the praise of the Ancient of Days. It's not a debate. I'm on a whole attitude, altitude beyond the space there's no need for a parachute. Glory be to God and the power too. My arrow shoots. His attributes and power lives inside of me, I tread over all the power of the enemy, nothing shall by any means hurt me or my family. The right hand of the Lord doeth valiantly. Personally, The Spirit hit me passionately and sometimes the wind be passing by me silently. I know it's Him indefinitely. Glory be to God and the Honor too. What He does, you can't undo. I honor the Father and Son too. I'm not a doubter or a coward, I holla at my strong tower, high tower, majestic in power. Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered.

Verse 3:
Glory be to God and the power too! His power rules over everything down to the atoms and molecules. And we can go to Father because Jesus Christ is our route, our truth, our life, and God approves. Evil can not accuse. Jesus blood covers every part of me, all of my particles. We uproot and giants fall, we knock down walls, no power tools. We just have faith in the word of God and the mountains move. Glory be to God and victory! To Who was, Who is and is to be. We're suitably dwelling in His secret place where we should be, you don't believe in God you a fool to me. We treadded the enemy brutally, truthfully. The proof is in the scriptures that I be speaking out of my mouth, we scatter them out. In Jesus name without a doubt. We casted them out. Angels surrounding us round and about when we out and about. We escaped the snare of the fowler, by the care of the Father. We here and we proper, To God belongs the power. God in His mighty splendor, is my defender, my Rock, and my Fortress, His feathers propel us over stormy weathers. The enemy withers, we win every time in any weather