1. Rock

From the recording Robed In Light

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The Rock The Rock The Rock that crush rocks!
The Rock The Rock The Rock that crush gold.
Crush your beast mode, Here comes the King's mode.
Crush your ego to dust, it's gone when the wind blow.

In the final phase of the latter days, comes a mighty Rock, from beyond the outer space.
He's coming to take over the nations and crash this place.
Claim Europe, Asia, Africa, Unites States.
Smash gold, smash silver, and potters clays,
Smash foes, crash pillars, and the caliphates.
The wind comes blow the dust away without a trace.
His kingdom come, get on your knees and bow your face.

The Stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.
He's on His throne, we'll know His tone when He call us home.
He knows His own, He saves His own and His blood atones,
The Lord lives, praises to my Lord the only Rock.
The Rock that controls the clock, He got the globe on lock.
Join His flock, accept Him and you will never be forsaken,
The Lord is my Rock and salvation, I will not be shaken
The Kingdoms of this world is His for the taken.
He's a safe haven for those who trust in Him, yes He is Saving
The foolish men doesn't comprehend. He built His house upon a sand,
When the floods came, The wind blew and the rain descends.
Great was the fall of that house it crumbled at the end.
The wise man obeys the Rock and trust in His plans.
He built His house upon the Rock, Because He understands.
When The floods came, The wind blew and the rain descends
It fell not, for it was founded on the Rock, Jesus is The Rock!